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How can China save you - Singapore, which is on the road of

Yesterday, the article original 丨 China shot, Singapore this is really to die through it! Perhaps the subject of some glare, causing an ongoing concern Zhuo Hao of the old overseas unhappy, accounted for Hao think this is just a chance to
Yesterday, the article "original 丨 China shot, Singapore this is really to die through it! "Perhaps the subject of some glare, causing an ongoing concern Zhuo Hao of the old overseas unhappy, accounted for Hao think this is just a chance to crash communication, may wish to take this message to start to talk about China and Singapore's future, To talk about whether we have a common future. I believe accounted for the ho of this question and answer, or give some inspiration related to people. On the individual subjective wishes, Zhan Hao hoped that China and New Zealand can carry out cooperation on an equal and mutually beneficial basis and achieve win-win and common prosperity.
Accounting for Hao strong analysis of the situation in front of the world quite understand. I am a founding member of the Singaporean citizen, since childhood love of Chinese culture, in addition to the local by more than 10 years of education, but also won the North and South University of Chinese literature undergraduate and master's degree. Not dare to claim to know or know very well about the daily food given to our mental food, but never read the habit of reading every day.
I have a million readers in the cold view of the mentality of the author, the impact of readers, including overseas readers. Today, the title has surprised and disturbed me, you know my position and feelings? In short, disappointed! From the Confucianism and Confucianism, and even promote the connotation of the Chinese nation culture wit. I have reached the seventies, Wang Zhuohao creation do not leave the spirit of Chinese culture too far, because your thoughts and political speech will affect many of China's future elite. May also determine the direction of China's future.
This is a message from an old Singapore overseas Chinese. Zhuo Hao Wei readers are now indeed around the world, often received from overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwan compatriots message, recognition and recognition are not. But regardless of recognition does not recognize, the message is more than a closer look, think, savor, the old Chinese is no exception, which at least accounted for Hao article is not nonsense, or slightly thinking value.
First of all, accounted for Hao to mature thinking point of view, although very stubborn, but it is an ideologically open people, very willing to listen to different views, more willing to take the initiative to accept better views, suggestions, and willing to accept different points of ax and spur. Of course, with full of malicious or nonsense nonsense except. Very often, Zhuo Hao (micro-signal: Zhuo Hao) more like to see some different views, not necessarily agree but there is no change to increase Mian, often dressed is a good habit. This time, just a very representative of Singapore's old overseas Chinese message, just to share your crash about the rare opportunity.
Obviously, the old overseas Chinese friends are very concerned about "the Singapore is really to be dead," the title. why? Jaohao felt that perhaps the old overseas Chinese felt that this remark was a bit hostile to Singapore, so the old overseas Chinese felt that this might have a bad effect on the readers, at least in the negative impact on Singapore's impression of the Chinese people. As a Singapore citizen, uncomfortable is a normal emotional reaction, which is another point of view we can fully understand, the first Chinese Singaporeans Singaporeans followed by the Chinese. In fact, a long time no longer live on the ancestors of people living on the ground, is still able to have a sense of belonging to the Chinese nation is not easy to see the current performance of many people in Taiwan, Hong Kong, we know how valuable this point.
But one point accounted for ho more than once stressed that Zhuo Hao is the Chinese people, a nationalist ideology of the internationalists. In Zhuo Hao's view, the nation is the international rather than the reverse. Zhuo Hao has always been the attitude that we should carry forward the spirit of international cooperation, building equality, mutual benefit, win-win cooperation in the new world, and promote the human to Datong. Based on this, accounting for Hao also has a consistent attitude of individuals - who pro-China on the pro who anti-China on the anti-who, which is the other race and which country, which has nothing to do, only and value, cultural identity, it is clear that this is The Chinese nation has always been the traditional values.
As for yesterday's article, "this is really the death of Singapore," the title, personally think that although the national emotional factors in the inside, but put aside this emotion, the subject is still established in the logic, the mood is only in tone, not Logically, including the contents of the article. In other words, although the subject of such emotional factors in the inside, but not the emotional results.
The reason is very simple, one of the most important basic elements of Singapore's development is its geographical location, re-export trade base for Singapore has achieved great success. Before China's reform and opening up, Singapore took full advantage of the opportunity of East Asia's economic rise to realize the rapid economic development. After China's reform and opening up, China's foreign trade developed rapidly and further developed Singapore's advantage as a re-exporting country. The reason why Singapore can get these benefits lies in its accurate political positioning between China and the United States - the bridge of Sino-US relations.
Unfortunately, after the 21st century, with the rapid development of China's economy, the Singapore government's concerns about China began to increase rapidly, and in 2008 the world financial crisis before and after the qualitative change. In 2009, former Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew visited the White House, to persuade Obama to implement the strategy to contain China, then the White House in 2010 to implement the implementation of the "Asia-Pacific rebalancing" strategy, since the beginning of China's periphery more and more calm. Over the past few years, Singapore as the South China Sea countries, the government has increasingly stood in the United States stand to contain China, and in 2016 reached its peak, full of malicious China, the insidious behavior of every sober Chinese people Unacceptable, as the Chinese accounted for 7% of the country, anti-China hysterical so that people feel incredible, in the Philippines after the CPP, Singapore has become even the most anti-ASEAN countries in the country.
Frankly speaking, in the 1990s, he was asked to which country the impression of the best ho, accounting for a certain blurted out of Singapore - Singapore, one of the favorite female artist is Fan Wenfang, Singapore has a natural sense of intimacy, the reason is because We are the same, blood thicker than water.
Singapore's impression of deterioration is in the past 10 years, because the Singapore government began to indulge in China's political affairs, and the impression of Singapore is the collapse of former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew to pull the United States to contain China. Even if the United States to contain China is an established strategy, but Lee's government is also playing a catalyst role. However, even so, Zhaoxiang against this country in Singapore is still no hostility, because Zhuo Hao also do not believe Singaporean Chinese really like the government as anti-China, so this is the nature of the Singapore government to China over the years full of malicious rebound .
As for the "This is really to die in Singapore," the subject statement, according to the current trend of development, in fact, this is an upcoming results. Singapore is a city country, its area and occupies a city in the city of ho almost. Such a success is undoubtedly the result of the efforts of the whole Singaporeans and of an excellent government.
Historically, every strategic choice of the Lee administration has been right, including anti-communism in the 1960s, although he did not agree with him, but he was right in Singapore's national interest perspective. After this option was established, Singapore seized the opportunity of the Asian economy, led by Japan, to achieve sustained and rapid growth. After the reform and opening-up of China, Singapore played the role of a bridge between China and the United States. This transformation once again achieved Singapore and Singapore's glory. Today it is no small miracle.
However, this time, Zhuohao have to say, Singapore's strategic choice must be wrong, in the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation today, irresistible, who is not the South China Sea monks head lice? West Pacific who will gain the initiative is not obvious? Do not forget, no later than 2025, China will become the world's largest economy. Nowadays, it is less than 10 years since China became the world's largest economy. At this time, Singapore has chosen to further deterioration of relations with China to help the United States to contain China even some hysteria, as a Chinese, regardless of which country is which, it must be to rebound; the same no matter which country, rationally This choice is a strategic mistake. Now, even the Philippines are beginning to correct, Singapore is still paste in which, had to make people feel sad. The Chinese government has given Singapore a lot of opportunities in the past few years, and now choose to give up Singapore, the greater bargaining chips in Malaysia, is it not the choice of Singapore's own tragedy?
It is foreseeable that China will build a railway from Kashgar, China, which will extend to Gwadar, and China will enter the Indian Ocean through Pakistan, which will allow some trade between China and Eurasia to bypass Malacca. It is likely that Burma will play such a role as Pakistan does in the near future. A few years later, when China's military in the South China Sea to achieve control of the time, when the Pan-Asian Railway built or to be built, when Thailand increasingly aware of their own interests who support, once the decision to excavate Kera Canal, then Singapore Status will be completely fell into the bottom, a rare stand up. Do not forget, over the years, the excavation Kela canal did not have the Chinese government to come forward, three or four billion US dollars of investment in several large enterprises a Minato enough. When the political foundation, the choice becomes a commercial behavior, Singapore can stop China's corporate behavior?
In this way, entrepot trade will be the port of Gwadar in Pakistan, the port of Myanmar, the port of Sri Lanka, the port of Maldives, the port of Malaysia, the port of Thailand, I would like to ask, then rely on entrepot trade to develop their own How does Singapore come from? No Southeast Asian renminbi international settlement center status, Singapore's position as a financial center in Southeast Asia, the future still exists? These do not exist, the Singapore economy how to do? The economy is bad, the exchange rate fell sharply, Singapore can maintain the current standard of living? Further down the road, when the influence of the United States further fades (which is an inevitable trend that can not be changed), if the Singapore economy collapsed after 10 years due to the present state orientation, an urbanized country, And between Malaysia, how to self? Is incorporated into Malaysia as a second-class citizen or is annexed by Indonesia to become a second-class citizen?
In Zhuohao's view, there is only one country that sees Singapore as a relative, that is, China. Because in the Chinese people's values ​​are thicker than water, Singapore is more than 70% Chinese, the Chinese people will naturally be close to Singapore, like the 90s of last century Zhuo Hao (micro-signal: Zhuo Hao) is the favorite country Singapore. It is not difficult to achieve this, as long as Singapore recognizes China, agree with the Chinese nation is enough, as a close relative of the same country, China will not be unfair to Singapore. Historically, the Singapore anti-Communist so powerful, the Chinese Communist Party have vengeful? Singapore profits over the past few years, how many will not calculate it?
However, Singapore is now going to cut off the road of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, such a road 1.3 billion Chinese people are not agreed to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation as the ultimate goal, representing the interests of the Chinese people throughout the Chinese Communist Party Promise? This is not self-rejuvenation of the Greater China? Is it wise to make such a choice in the final stages of a great renaissance in China?
In fact, not to mention the tiny country of Singapore, the United States can not stop the pace of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Singapore This is in with the big trend for the enemy! As a Singaporean overseas Chinese who agrees with the Chinese culture, Zhan Hao (micro-signal: Zhuo Hao) thinks that it should not be unhappy to see such a problem, but should be anxious and anxious about the destiny of Singapore in the future. This should be a responsible Singapore Human attitude. This so-called displeasure, in fact, there is a sense of superiority in the inside, this sense of superiority prevalent in the hearts of Singapore Chinese. But Zhuo Hao can not bluntly say that this sense of superiority if not removed earlier, will harm Singapore. This principle, the same applies to the Singapore government.
It seems that the current choice of the Singapore government is historically an unwise and irresponsible choice. Is it that the whole of Singapore is accustomed to the management of the patriarchal system and nobody puts forward any more rational and sensible views? Or Singapore Chinese do not think that China can dominate in the region? Frankly speaking, as the nation with the highest Oriental wisdom - the Chinese people, accounting for the people of Singapore that indifference people do not understand, because it relates to your future destiny, related to Singapore's national fortune.
Zhuo Hao does not hate, do not oppose any country and nation, accounting for Hao's life is the principle of good with others, accounting for ho's value concept is "harmony" of the Road. However, as an internationalist with nationalistic sentiments, any country that is unfriendly to China will take a bounce and will not hesitate to take advantage of it, even if it is Singapore's favorite. Close relatives of the country. Of course, this is not a rebound for Singapore's ordinary people, but a rebound for policymakers in Singapore.
Finally, once again put forward a common ordinary Chinese people can no longer be the motto:
The future of Singapore in China, the strategic opportunity in China, whether to continue the prosperity of the switch in China, as long as Singapore policy makers willing, Sino-Singaporean relations can be relaxed, the new deepening of cooperation can still be launched, Singapore's sustainable prosperity Still can be expected. Because China's development potential is too great, the market space is too large, Singapore as a small country with only a few million people, as long as the selected entry point, a little dip rain enough to make their own fortune.
However, it does not depend on China, but depends on Singapore policy-makers in the next few years of decision-making. Faced with the current world development trend, in the face of rapid resurgence of the Greater China, the more awakened the opportunity will be less, should the 10-year wake up, it is also a big Luo gods can not save it!

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